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Retail: $636

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This package combines two very meaningful and masculine bracelets:


The Creation Story is a leather-wrap bracelet that tells the story of God's love for us. These have been made with men in mind with a brown cross in recognition of Christ's humanity and humility. Each is made-up of seven beads representing the Old Testament, and seven echoing beads for the New Testament with the cross in the middle. 


John's Story, also a leather-wrap, is made-up of beautiful cubes of gemstone that tell the same story.


Both are  handmade and  signed and blessed by their makers. Each comes with a card that will explain the order and significance of each bead. Each comes in a beautiful brown organza bag.


Modeled by Ron.  Also modeled by Scott, Phillip, and Aaron at our Huntsville's Neighborhood Store.


     -12 John's Stories

     -12 Creation Stories

     -Laminated Story cards and a display board


Handmade by Bianca, Deleah,Nita...


Retail Value: $636


The Men's Leather-Wrap Collection (ws)

SKU: 160ws

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