he 29:11 Story

 is spreading.

 God's Word is active and alive! 

We all know that fundraising is difficult. The 29:11 Story Ministry offers two ways to help you and your group raise money for your own mission.


The Son is shining in Haiti

Jeremiah ready-mades ready to go!

And the Son shines in Brazil


We are making beautiful kits of beads that will make beautiful 29:11 Stories that you can sell in your community.  Our Mission kits allow for  impressive profits that you can use for whatever outreach your group desires. In addition, your group will learn God's Word as you make your own Stories. 

We're excited about that!


The 29:11 Story kits of beads are reaching groups both nationally and internationally. Youth groups, women's groups and missions groups are making their own 29:11 Stories to spread The Good News and to raise money for their own mission work. Other groups are taking The 29:11 Story Kit with them to missions and enabling people all over to make their own Stories. The 29:11 Story Ministry has expanded to groups in Thailand, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Japan, and Brazil...


...Don't you want to

be a part of Our Story?...


he 29:11 Story Kits

Such serious beautiful Haitian refugee children in the Dominican Republic wearing Jeremiah's promise.


he 29:11 Story

Ready Made Fundraising Project

     We also offer 29:11 Stories handmade by our Ministry for groups to sell for profit.  We desire to give you a way to spread God's Word wherever you want to go. Do you want to sell 25? 50? Can you think of 75 people in your community who want to know God's Word and help to fund your mission? The 29:11 Story is God's Story. Check out our beautiful Mission opportunity:

    Nita and Laura  building kits for the 29:11 Story Missions Project.

Medical Mission team and their Jeremiah's Stories in the Dominican Republic.

The 29:11 Story Ministry

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