Christ has called us to spread His good news. We are to share our own stories about our own Christian walks.  The 29:11 Story Ministry seeks to equip groups of all Christian based organizations with a way to allow its own members to share God's Story. These Jeremiah's Stories can be sold within your community or you can choose to take them  with you to your mission field. You can leave behind God's Word and touch everyone's heart you encounter.  Be prepared, everyone you encounter will touch your heart as well. This is God's good and perfect plan. 


This Mission Project is for 25 of our women's Jeremiah's Stories that are made with love and joy.  Your Stories will arrive  signed and blessed by us here at The 29:11 Story Ministry house. They will come with a colorful card explaining the beads. They will be ready to be shared or sold in beautiful organza gift bags. 


Please drop us an email if you are interested in purchasing more than 25 ready-made Jeremiah's Stories. We are offering price breaks for every 25 additional items. 


Jeremiah's Story has traveled to Haiti, Brazil, The Dominican Rebublic, Thailand, Japan...Where do you want to take God's Word, His Perfect Story?

Jeremiah's Story Mission Project


    The 29:11 Story Ministry

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