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This beautiful triple leather-wrap bracelet is The Marys' Story.  It's named after three Marys all found within the New Testament. It's made of lovely gemstone and glass beads. It's absolutely beautiful.   Each comes with a tag signed by its maker and a card explaining the significance of each bead.


Created by Loree

The Marys' Story (ws)

SKU: 3ws
Cross Colors

  • - Of course, Mary, the mother of Jesus who birthed The Son of God and The Son of Man; Mary who pondered God's word in her heart.

    - And Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, who chose what was best when she sat at The Lord's feet.

    - And Mary Magdalene who stood weeping outside the tomb and was the first chosen to speak with the risen Christ. Mary Magdalene who told the disciples the good  news: “I have seen the Lord!” 

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