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Matthew's Story tells the same story as the original Jeremiah's Story necklace and bracelet. It's on memory wire and is easy to assemble. 


Fund raising for any worthy purpose, for any nonprofit, is difficult. We tend to ask the same group of caring people over and over for financial help. The 29:11 Story Ministry seeks to equip groups of all Christian based organizations with a way to allow its own members to create their own 29:11 Story bracelets and necklaces, and to realize a financial profit that they, the group, can use for their own interests and needs. We, The 29:11 Story Ministry, are constructing kits that will make 110 Stories. Each kit for 110 sells for $700; each kit comes with brochures, tags, and beading instructions. The finished Stories will be sold by the cottage within its own community. If the Stories are sold for $25 each, the cottage will realize a profit of approximately $2000. If your group is passionate about this project, another kit can be purchased and the outreach spread yet farther.


Or you can take your kit with you to your mission field and teach God's Perfect Story bead by bead. You can leave behind God's Word and touch everyone's heart your encounter.  Be prepared, everyone you encounter will touch your heart as well. This is God's good and perfect plan. 


The 29:11 Story Missions Projects have traveled to Haiti, Brazil, The Dominican Rebublic, Thailand, Japan...Where do you want to take God's Word, His Perfect Story?

Matthew's Story Mission Project Kit

SKU: 300r

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